I studied at art school in Bristol, where I developed my interest in painting and printmaking. My printmaking techniques were further developed at Belfast Print Workshop. 



I have taught art, design and experimental filmmaking at universities in Derby, Belfast and Liverpool. I have also worked as a distance learning tutor with The Open College of the Arts.


In my work I concentrate on light, colour composition and texture.

This 5 minute experimental film, made during lockdown in May 2020, combines printmaking and animation techniques with live action. I wanted to explore the idea of springtime carrying on as normal, with the arriving swallows and the mayflies in a landscape devoid of people. Locked down in my studio, my connection to these things was in my memories, imagination and creativity. The title grounded worked for me on 3 levels: grounded as in connected to the natural environment and the changing seasons; grounded in terms of laying tone and colour on a metal plate and then working the image; and grounded in the sense of being restricted in my freedom to travel.

Fermanagh Uplands.jpg

Castle Archdale  I and II

Monotype on Fabriano, 47 x 63cm

Early Morning on Lough Erne

Monotype on Fabriano, 40 x  40cm

Evening on Lough Erne

Monotype on Fabriano, 40 x  40cm

Autumn in Castle Archdale  I and II

Oil on Canvas, 60 x 60cm

Lough Meenameen

Monotype on Fabriano, 47 x 31cm

Autumn Sunlight in Woodland  I and II

Oil on Canvas, 60 x 60cm


Oil on Canvas, 100 x 100cm

Hills in Sunshine

Oil on Board, 23 x 17cm

Farmland II

Oil on Board, 23 x 17cm


Bog Cotton III

Monotype on Fabriano, 64 x 47cm